Visionary Behind The Lens
Hello, I'm your artist, an explorer of the world in black and white and sometimes in color. I journey into the outdoors, urban setting, capturing the unruly beauty of landscapes, the intricate details of outdoor objects, and the spellbinding charisma of nature. From vast and empty landscapes, deserts, storms and structured world of urbanization to the most important topic of all, people. Each frame is a celebration of time, a moment frozen forever, echoing my fascination with time and its irreplaceable value. I am fascinated by how time changes things, how we view it, how we embrace it, and how we manage it. 

Engineer & Educator
My daily life revolves around engineering and asset management, both are fields that require precision, attention to detail, and efficient time management. This instills in me a disciplined mindset that carries over into my photography. I strive for balanced compositions and thoughtful captures in my photos.

Capturing and producing good quality photographs is a significant time commitment. I learnt and taught others the art of valuing and managing their time effectively, whether in the professional field or production and appreciation of art. This wouldn't have been possible without photography alongside my professional career. 

Nostalgic Narrator
A fervent lover of nostalgia and historic collectables, my work transcends mere observation; it's a journey back in time. Do you think I only use black and white for nostalgic reasons? (hint: it is a trick question).
My black and white photography heightens this sense of nostalgia, capturing moments that become timeless treasures, tangible slices of history.

Art: Transforming Spaces
My photographs aim to imbue every space with a piece of the outdoors, urbanization, and storytelling. Perfect for collectors, home designers, or hotels, my work serves as a serene reminder of nature's grandeur, economic and human development, and the imperative of time's perpetual march, fostering a deep sense of tranquility and contemplation. Even a sense of reflection and meditation. 

A Father's Perspective
As a dad, I've rediscovered the world's magic through my children's eyes. The one that told you kids grow fast was right, but they probably didn't tell you that it will be faster than you think. 

This fresh perspective changed my photographic journey, filled  it with more wonder and curiosity, which permeates my work, revealing hidden stories and undiscovered beauty in every frame. 

The Tech Aficionado
Perhaps all engineers are techy, but I think I am tad more. As a tech enthusiast, I employ the most appropriate technology for the intend purpose to ensure each photograph showcases nature's charm in all its glory, with an authenticity that remains true to the captured moment with no compromise on quality. The result is a collection of high-quality prints, testament to the power of technology when used mindfully and efficiently. 

Whether it is film or digital, each medium of capture is part of my toolkit, it really depends on what I am photographing and the reason behind it. So some images you see here were captured on film. Can you guess which ones?

An Observer of Time
With a deep interest in finance and economy, my photography goes beyond aesthetics. It becomes a visual chronicle of the passing of time, documenting the evolution of landscapes and the compounding impact of economic trends on our natural world. Each photograph serves as a time capsule, a testament to the transient and finite nature of our existence. Think of the closed shops after the COVID-19 pandemic ended. Economic changes have an impact on our memorable favourite spaces, communities, cities, and the world overall. 

Last but not least
In closing, I invite you to journey with me, to discover the beauty from my perspective, a visual poetry of time in frames, and my fascination of black and white. ONE FRAME AT A TIME.
Welcome to my world of aesthetic exploration and perpetual discovery.

You made it this far: Get in touch and say hello, I would love to know you too. 
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